The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Asheville August 18, 2009

Filed under: car trip — abbybernd @ 6:54 pm

We spent more time in the car last weekend! We went to Asheville, North Carolina and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of  Tennessee and North Carolina.

We drew through the Great Smokey Mountains and were in awe of the beauty. Rolling hills that took me right back to England! The hills went on in the horizon. If only we didn’t have to be in the car for a total of twelve hours! Oh well, the scenery was well worth it.

Asheville was filled with trendy restaurants and shops. We enjoyed the diversity of people. We had an amazing Mexican-Caribbean meal. Followed by dessert at the chocolate lounge- do I need to say more!

The trip was relaxing. A time for Chris and I to just have fun and not worry about all of the stresses of real life! That is what vacations are all about.


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