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We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Off to Louisville February 18, 2010

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The winter days seem never ending here in Lexington. Snow, ice and temperatures below freezing- we have it all.  Somehow I don’t mind it too much. It is cozy and the snow makes everything look beautiful.

Chris and I ventured out last weekend, on a typical cold day and visited Louisville. It is only an hour drive and has a place Chris and I love… Costco.

Our quick drive to Louisville was scenic. We drove by the horse farms, including our favorite The Thorough Bred Retirement Community.  The highway drive was beautiful. There was a stretch where we were surrounded by snow covered rocks.  I never dreamed Kentucky was so beautiful.

We reached Louisville, which is much larger city than Lexington. We felt at home in the downtown area, it was just like Seattle. All of the tall buildings and the waterfront- which Lexington does not have. That is one thing I really miss about Seattle, the beautiful Puget Sound- there is nothing like that here!

We walked around downtown and could barely feel our fingers it was so cold! And the town was empty, no one else wanted to be outside on a mid-twenty degree day.

We came to our senses and got in the car. We drove around old town and Church Hill Downs.

Old Town was beautiful. There were many historical homes. The brick seemed endless!

It is wonderful to live in a quaint city like Lexington, and I love that a large city with different things to offer is such a short, beautiful drive away.


2 Responses to “Off to Louisville”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Those are great pictures, and you look so cute in your cold weather getup! Awesome to see Louisville. Seems like there are some nice sights there.

  2. abby Says:

    There are! It was a pretty place! I was so cold though!

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