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We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Showing off Lexington… April 9, 2010

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Being in Kentucky is amazing. It has given Chris and I the opportunity to get to know the beauty of a new part of the country. The rolling hills and green landscape has grown on Chris and me. We love the bluegrass and we love to show it to those we love.

We had that opportunity this past week, when my sister and her family visited. We got to show them around our new state, and it made me appreciate where we live even more.

We drove around and took in Kentucky in the spring, which is a first for me since we moved here in June. Spring is beautiful here. The trees and flowers are blooming and the grass is already bright green. The sun is always out, and there is often a soothing wind to cool everyone down.

I am glad my sister got to experience this beautiful time of the year here. She brought her husband and three daughters and they all enjoyed it in Lexington.  They went to several distilleries, drives around horse country and to horse parks.

One of the most amazing things we did while they were here is we went to the Kentucky Horse Park. We saw Man O’ War’s grave and I read much about him. He was a race horse who had a short but memorable career. It is amazing to me how people admire horses here in Kentucky and they really are apart of the culture. They make Lexington Lexington. Going to the Kentucky Horse Park reminded me of this love of horses and made me appreciate them more myself.

The beautiful statue of Man O' War

Seeing my sister and her family was great. It made me wish I got to see my nieces more than I do.  That’s life, I am in Kentucky now distanced from my family.   I am just happy knowing they are a phone call or plane trip away- and that they can always come visit the bluegrass! And of course we can go back and see beautiful Seattle.


3 Responses to “Showing off Lexington…”

  1. Rand Howard Says:

    Hi Abby,

    I knew you would love it here in the spring. I’ve been waiting all winter for it to arrive but the pollen has been a serious pain the last few days, highest count ever recorded on one day. It rained yesterday so today I feel half human.

    Something I have been wanting to ask you about since you are into food. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about Kentucky Hot Browns. It is some sort of super rich breakfast dish. Is it really as big a thing in Kentucky as they make it out to be?

    Have I mentioned that I grew up on a horse ranch in eastern Washington? Both of my older brothers went on to be Thoroughbred trainers and work around race tracks their whole careers. My oldest brother was badly hurt in a riding accident and had to retire way early; they are both retired now. I admire horses but they are a lot of work and I did not have any after graduating from college. My wife was the deciding factor.

    Take Care

  2. abby Says:

    Yeah- the allergies here are horrible. I take Zertec which helps me a lot, thank goodness! It is hard when it is beautiful outside but you can’t fully enjoy it because of allergies.
    I will check out Hot browns Rand, and try and make some. I have been a bad Kentuckian and I haven’t tried any yet! I need to.
    How amazing to grow up with horses. I have always loved them. I took riding lessons when I was younger- and I loved it. What amazing jobs your brothers had.
    Thanks Rand, and I will have to try hot browns!

  3. Kristin Says:

    That’s so great! Next, we’ll have to come visit. I think Lexington is beautiful.

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