The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Getting Ready to Drive May 12, 2010

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I am filled with excitement, like an eight year old waiting for Christmas. I can’t wait till tonight!

Tonight is when Chris and I embark on our trip down south. We will hit five states- Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas. I haven’t been to any of those states, and the thought of exploring them makes me smile. I love going places I have never been before- and this trip will be filled with that!

We will be in the car a lot- but that doesn’t bother me. Driving with my husband is always relaxing for me. He drives, I sit and take in the sights. I always have a pillow and blanket in the car- just like when we went for road trips when I was five! What can I say- I like being cozy.

The trip down will be on the Natchez Parkway- an old, historic road. It is filled with stops along the way- Cypress Swamp and Emerald Mound are a couple I am excited about. The Emerald Mound was a ceremonial center for Native Americans- I can’t wait to take pictures!  We are starting the parkway in Nashville and taking it to the end- Natchez, Mississippi. Natchez happens to be only three hours from New Orleans- so we figured why not take in some cajun culture?

As I look at beautiful pictures of stops along the way, I feel happy to be in Kentucky. We are a car trip away from the old south. We are less than ten hours from upstate New York or Washington DC. There are so many new places around me, and I can’t wait to see them!


Asheville August 18, 2009

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We spent more time in the car last weekend! We went to Asheville, North Carolina and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of  Tennessee and North Carolina.

We drew through the Great Smokey Mountains and were in awe of the beauty. Rolling hills that took me right back to England! The hills went on in the horizon. If only we didn’t have to be in the car for a total of twelve hours! Oh well, the scenery was well worth it.

Asheville was filled with trendy restaurants and shops. We enjoyed the diversity of people. We had an amazing Mexican-Caribbean meal. Followed by dessert at the chocolate lounge- do I need to say more!

The trip was relaxing. A time for Chris and I to just have fun and not worry about all of the stresses of real life! That is what vacations are all about.


Welcome home… to Kentucky? June 23, 2009

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As we drive through Illinois I wonder, is there any state  I don’t like? Central Illinois is filled with flat fields that are a yellowish-green. The fields are sporadically lined by trees. Other than the occasional house or farm the fields are bare. Everything is so open and calm.

It is amazing to think that we have been driving for more than 2,100 miles. Surprisingly I’m not sick of the car yet. I like to just sit back and marvel at the different landscapes, and await our entry into Colt country. Chris and I are huge Indianapolis Colt fans and are eager to see the town where our favorite team plays. We look forward to our lunch stop in Indianapolis where we’ll buy lots of overpriced Colts merchandise and maybe even run into Peyton Manning!

The drive to Indianapolis seems long and the endless green fields are getting monotonous. Illinois and Indiana are very flat. It is weird for me, as someone who lived in North Bend, Washington, to look up and see no mountains in the horizon. It’s a little sad and makes me wonder what Kentucky will be like.

Finally we reached Indianapolis! It was refreshing to be in big town after all of the small, country towns we’d stopped in. I also appreciated all of the people who were wearing Colts shirts. We drove by Lucas Oil Stadium and sadly we saw no Colt players but we did see a nice picture of Dallas Clark which made up for it!

The drive through Indiana seemed to go on and on after we left Indianapolis. The fields were covered with deciduous trees that were quite tall and of course there was the occasional corn field. The Midwest loves their corn fields!

Finally, we crossed into our new home state– Kentucky. It was an eventful entry. Chris had to brake hard because the cars in front of him suddenly stopped. The car jerked wildly and Marcellus’ litter box went flying. There was kitty litter everywhere–ewwww! It was clean kitty litter but nonetheless disgusting. We spent our first hour in Kentucky vacuuming and cleaning out the car. That all happened in Louisville, hopefully what happens in Lexington will be more positive.

As we approached Lexington we passed by the Bourbon Trail. Distilleries galore. They aren’t that exciting for me because I don’t appreciate hard alcohol-but Chris certainly does. I wonder what I will appreciate in Kentucky?

The trees thickened as we got closer to Lexington. There were also more hills than we’d seen since South Dakota. My nerves grew. Will I like the new place that will be my home? There were horse fences aplenty. I saw two beautiful brown horses running in the wind at a thorough bred retirement facility, breath taking. The grass didn’t look blue, but it was very green. We drove up and down hills in Lexington but there were no mountains in the distance. Lexington won’t be like North Bend, but I think I can learn to love it.


A Day in the Life of Two People Driving Through Iowa June 22, 2009

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The day started too early. The bed was actually comfortable, which has been a rare luxury on this massive trip. I groggily sat up in bed and started my day, even though I didn’t feel ready.

I helped Chris pack our car- which  is packed liked Jenga blocks. If one thing falls out there goes everything! I mostly leave the packing of the car to Chris- I am not good at Jenga!

I also leave the pottying of the dog to Chris because it makes me want to pull my hair out. For some reason she’ll potty right away for Chris, but I just sit there begging and begging with no success. For my sanity Chris potty’s the dog.

After Scarlett has finally pottied, it’s breakfast time. Chris doesn’t like to eat breakfast- crazy boy! Still, we waited in the never ending Burger King drive through for my precious sandwich. I just can’t start the day without something in my tummy. If for some horrible reason I don’t have breakfast, I am very grumpy. So for Chris’ sanity I eat breakfast. It’s all about keeping each other sane.

Finally our driving begins, or should I say Chris’ driving. We got on 680 N/E and started the migration through Iowa. Let me tell you, Iowa is much prettier than I thought it would be. There are little hills that are covered with plump trees and everything is very green. As a north-westerner I appreciate green vegetation. Iowa agrees with me.

When driving through Iowa or anywhere, Chris and I have a system worked out. I nap in the morning while Chris drives and he naps in the afternoon while I drive. I slept for a blissful hour while Chris drove through endless fields of rolling green hills.

I slowly woke up and we had a quick stop at a rest area. The bathrooms were clean and there was a large grass area for dogs- this was a rare rest stop! It was lovely! Scarlett ran around off her leash and Chris kept her close with his voice. Anytime she went too far he called to Scarlett in a mean voice, that she always comes to. It embarrasses me when Chris uses this voice, but the dog listens to it and it keeps her from running away- which is very important!

We all crammed back in the warm car and blasted on the air conditioning- what would we do without it?

The rest of the day consisted of driving through huge fields of immature corn. In a month from now the corn will be at least four feet tall. But now they are now just a foot high, still tall enough to sway in the gentle wind.   These corn fields seem to go on forever.

Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful as we drove. Chris and I sat holding hands taking in the beauty of Iowa.