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The Dog Park Lesson June 29, 2009

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Scarlett's mugshotToday we took a hot, tired dog to Jacobson dog park and it proved to be a mistake.

Poor dog is not used to Kentucky heat yet. She gets tired very quickly and needs lots of water. So water in hand we headed to the dog park so our baby could get her social time with other dogs. Lesson learned today- hot, tired dogs do not belong at a dog parks.

We got to the park and were excited. Maybe we would meet some friendly dog owners and actually make friends in Kentucky. Scarlett had other plans.

She came into the park doing her jumps. Those of you how know Scarlett know what I am talking about. This girl is part kangaroo and can jump higher than my husband. Anyways, we knew she needed a ball in her mouth stat or she would not play nice with other dogs.

Before Chris could through the ball for Scarlett a Rottweiler found her. Oh no. Chris finally got her the ball and she was sticking it in the Rottweiler’s face. I am sure she was saying “look at what I have,” in doggy language. The Rottweiler wanted none of that. He started nipping Scarlett and she dropped the ball. Oh no. The ball needs to stay in her mouth in order to serve its purpose. So Chris and I both called “Scarlett come!” over and over again. She did not listen. Bad dog. Those of you who know Scarlett also know she is fairly well trained. She just has selective hearing– she responds to what she wants to!

Needless to say, we were very embarrassed after that. How could our sweetheart act like that? Lesson learned- even our sweetheart does not behave well when she is tired and hot. The heat makes Scarlett grumpy just like it makes me grumpy.

We will wait for cooler days to take Scarlett out to socialize and maybe we’ll have success?