The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Our Spoiled, Wonderful Pets! February 27, 2010

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Through all of the things Chris and I have been through there has been a constant. As sappy as this sounds this constant is our pets.

When we didn’t want to get up in the morning, we had a smiling face (those of you who know Scarlett know her smile!) begging us to get out of bed and face the day. It has eight long months since we lost Dominic and Scarlett has been by our side trying to make us happy the whole time. She is full of energy and life, and it’s contagious.

Happy Dog!

Scarlett has helped remind to just be happy. Her attitude is one we can all learn from! Just enjoy life.  That isn’t always easy for most of us. With the stress of jobs, and life it is easy to forget the positives.

For me, there has been a lot of work related stress lately. I come home and I immediately feel a weight lifted off of me. I see my adorable animals and I forget about my horrible day.  Some how cats and dogs lower my stress. Playing with them and petting them helps me  not take everything so seriously. It helps me be calm.

It just amazes me how two little furry creatures have really enriched my life. It makes me really excited to have kids one day. I can only imagine how much they will add to my life and all I will learn from them.


A night with the dogs September 10, 2009

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As the dogs run around the kitchen I feel so frustrated. I chase kids all day, only to come home to more ‘kids!’

We are currently dog sitting my bosses dog. He is an adorable yorkie/poodle appropriately named Chase. He and Scarlett do exactly that, chase, constantly. I started throwing them outside when it annoys too much– it helps my sanity! I love dogs, but I can only take so much yapping!

As I scratch Chase soft belly I wonder if we need another dog? Another sweet member of our family. But the logical side takes over. Another dog means more mess, more money and less quiet!

Lying here with two adorable canines I feel lucky to have such sweet animals in my life. Lucky to have their fluffy faces to pet  and cute belly’s to rub.

Being around these animals I feel happy. They are content sleeping, playing and eating– they don’t need much. They are just happy to be exploring their surroundings and around the people they love. We all can learn from that!

All and all Scarlett, Marcellus and Chase  make me feel loved and happy.