The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Showing off Lexington… April 9, 2010

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Being in Kentucky is amazing. It has given Chris and I the opportunity to get to know the beauty of a new part of the country. The rolling hills and green landscape has grown on Chris and me. We love the bluegrass and we love to show it to those we love.

We had that opportunity this past week, when my sister and her family visited. We got to show them around our new state, and it made me appreciate where we live even more.

We drove around and took in Kentucky in the spring, which is a first for me since we moved here in June. Spring is beautiful here. The trees and flowers are blooming and the grass is already bright green. The sun is always out, and there is often a soothing wind to cool everyone down.

I am glad my sister got to experience this beautiful time of the year here. She brought her husband and three daughters and they all enjoyed it in Lexington.  They went to several distilleries, drives around horse country and to horse parks.

One of the most amazing things we did while they were here is we went to the Kentucky Horse Park. We saw Man O’ War’s grave and I read much about him. He was a race horse who had a short but memorable career. It is amazing to me how people admire horses here in Kentucky and they really are apart of the culture. They make Lexington Lexington. Going to the Kentucky Horse Park reminded me of this love of horses and made me appreciate them more myself.

The beautiful statue of Man O' War

Seeing my sister and her family was great. It made me wish I got to see my nieces more than I do.  That’s life, I am in Kentucky now distanced from my family.   I am just happy knowing they are a phone call or plane trip away- and that they can always come visit the bluegrass! And of course we can go back and see beautiful Seattle.


The joy of Kentucky August 11, 2009

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One of the things I love about Kentucky is how friendly the people here are. I am greeted warmly wherever I go and it makes me feel so welcome.

From the dentist office, to the grocery store to the street where I live, I am surrounded by sweet people. It is something I am not used to and I greatly enjoy.

In Seattle and North Bend, people kept to themselves more. As I walked through the grocery store aisles people were in their own heads. They never noticed me, let alone smiled or talked to me. This is far from the way it is Lexington.

Here, most people are polite. Apologizing for accidentally cutting in front of you in the grocery store and smiling at you as you walk past them.

It is refreshing and makes me feel more at ease in a place that is so foreign to me! I feel safe and comfortable here, surrounded by so many genuine people.


Sweet Pea June 30, 2009

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We joined a gym in Lexington yesterday and it is a interesting place. Chris drove right by it because he thought it was a mall, not a gym.

I walked into this monster gym and headed towards the “cardio cinema.” I was excited to walk on the treadmill and watch a movie on a big screen TV. I got on the treadmill and got scared. There were no lights on in the “cardio cinema.” Would I trip while on the treadmill? Would I be able to maneuver my Ipod? All was well and I did not injure myself.

Chris eagerly did weights while I had my cardio adventure. He was all pumped up, no pun intended! because he had met a Colt foot ball player at the gym. Vincent “Sweet Pea” Burns never made the team, but he was on the practice squad for two years. I had heard of him before only because of his name. Who could forget a big football player named Sweat Pea? How cute!

The gym outing was fun and it was even fun listening to my star struck husband talk about Sweet Pea all night.


The Dog Park Lesson June 29, 2009

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Scarlett's mugshotToday we took a hot, tired dog to Jacobson dog park and it proved to be a mistake.

Poor dog is not used to Kentucky heat yet. She gets tired very quickly and needs lots of water. So water in hand we headed to the dog park so our baby could get her social time with other dogs. Lesson learned today- hot, tired dogs do not belong at a dog parks.

We got to the park and were excited. Maybe we would meet some friendly dog owners and actually make friends in Kentucky. Scarlett had other plans.

She came into the park doing her jumps. Those of you how know Scarlett know what I am talking about. This girl is part kangaroo and can jump higher than my husband. Anyways, we knew she needed a ball in her mouth stat or she would not play nice with other dogs.

Before Chris could through the ball for Scarlett a Rottweiler found her. Oh no. Chris finally got her the ball and she was sticking it in the Rottweiler’s face. I am sure she was saying “look at what I have,” in doggy language. The Rottweiler wanted none of that. He started nipping Scarlett and she dropped the ball. Oh no. The ball needs to stay in her mouth in order to serve its purpose. So Chris and I both called “Scarlett come!” over and over again. She did not listen. Bad dog. Those of you who know Scarlett also know she is fairly well trained. She just has selective hearing– she responds to what she wants to!

Needless to say, we were very embarrassed after that. How could our sweetheart act like that? Lesson learned- even our sweetheart does not behave well when she is tired and hot. The heat makes Scarlett grumpy just like it makes me grumpy.

We will wait for cooler days to take Scarlett out to socialize and maybe we’ll have success?


Horse Country Here We Come! June 28, 2009

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We woke up this morning excited. Today was the day we would explore our new home. Today was the day we would go through horse country.

We packed into the car and after a couple wrong turns made our way onto the Scenic Byway. We were surrounded by trees and horse fences. Everything was serene, then we heard Scarlett in the back.

We decided that Scarlett would love horse country, so we made the naive mistake this morning of taking here with us. As we were peacefully enjoying the horse farms her barking reminded us why dogs don’t belong on the Scenic Byway.

She barked so loudly that she sent the horses running. Poor beautiful horses! Sorry, next time we will definitely leave our obnoxious dog at home!

The drive was wonderful. There weren’t too many horses out because of the heat, but the ones that we did see were gorgeous. Most of them were a chestnut brown, but there was the occasional white beauty.

It was a memorable drive and we will take any of you who visit us on it! And no I am not bribing you to visit… I swear!