The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Seven months in the Bluegrass January 27, 2010

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Chris and me in our kentucky home!

I can’t believe we’ve been in Kentucky for seven months. It feels like just yesterday Scarlett was chasing bears in North Bend! How time flies!

Our time in Lexington has been pretty good. We have fallen in love with the friendliness of people in Kentucky. Their smiles and kindness have made Kentucky feel like home, even though we haven’t been here very long.

One thing that we like about being in the south is how close we are to so many different places. Upstate New York is just a nine hour drive. Tennessee is just a couple hours away. Chicago is just six hours. To east coasters these may seem like long driving times, but to someone from the northwest they are amazing!

Seven months is also how long it has been since we lost our son. It hasn’t always been easy, especially not being close to the people we love the most.

In a weird way being somewhere new has been nice at times.  Not everyone knows what happened so we don’t get all of the sympathy, which is hard for me to deal with.  Chris and I have just had each other to count on, and it has brought us close together.

All and all being in Kentucky is wonderful, I just wish it were closer to Washington and Edmonton!

Scarlett in our new home!


Home sweet home! December 31, 2009

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The view from Chris' parents deck.

Going to Washington is like going back to an old part of my life. It is wonderful to see those I love, but it is odd to be somewhere that is no longer my home.

We visited person to person, place to place that used to seem so familiar and now is distant. It was a little sad.

Sad, that things have changed so much but happy that Chris and I have moved on.

There is some peace in knowing that we can always go back to Washington and reconnect with our old home. We can see friends and family and enjoy beautiful Washington. The evergreen trees and grey skies will always be special to me.

I miss everyone so much, but there is a calmness in being back in Kentucky. We can unpack and get back to our life here. No going place to place.  No chaos.

Even with the tranquility of being home I can’t help but look forward to the next time I get to see my family. I miss them so much and life isn’t the same with out them.

For now I am going around our house and putting up framed pictures of those I love, so I can always see there smiling faces- as corny as that is!


Unpacking Baggage July 17, 2009

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When you move you end up finding lots of things from your past. This is fun for awhile, then it becomes difficult.

I have gone through old pictures, cards and notes aplenty. These are all mementos of my childhood. It takes me right back. It is sometimes fun. I’ll find a card from a friend and it will remind of a wonderful friendship I had as a child. It will remind me Hello Kitty, Nintendo and hanging out friends.

Other things I find aren’t so easy for me to deal with. Packed in with the box I was going through today were cards for my Mom. She was in the hospital with Leukemia and during that time she received many notes. It reminds me of all of the people who loved her. She was so cared about. It makes me sad that not only I had to lose her, but all of the other people who she meant so much to had to lose her as well. So much pain.

All and all it is difficult unpacking baggage. It reminds you of times gone and mistakes made. If only there were warnings on the boxes that contain the difficult stuff. Like, Danger bad memories triggered in this box for the spare bedroom!

I will get through it all and start making new memories in Kentucky. Even so, all of the boxes in my house will remind me of times past- both happy and sad. I guess that’s life! Scarlett on the bed we unpacked and put together yesterday.


The Stress Of Moving! July 11, 2009

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Oh my goodness! The stress of moving is hitting me. Our house is filled with boxes. Boxes that represent all of the work that needs to be done.

I look around and think, I need to do this. I need to do that and that. It is very overwhelming. Times like this I try and remind myself, one thing at a time!

First thing is, we need our water turned on. That won’t happen because the water people can’t come till Monday. So, this weekend will be a water free weekend! Showers at the gym- wohoo! This is all thanks to the people who we bought the house from. They decided to turn the water off without telling us. Oh well, it’s all an adventure!

On the bright side, we have a home and it’s bigger than our small hotel room. Our dog and cat are thankful for that! The poor animals have put up with so much change. I am happy they now have a place that’s their home- for now!

I want to move back to Seattle soon, but I can’t imagine going through this moving stress again.  It’s more than just moving your belongings. It’s moving away from what you are used to and that is tough. I haven’t moved out of city in six years and I forgot how hard it is to leave your comfort zone.

Like it or not, I am out of the comfort zone. I feel vulnerable and scared. I feel like I have been through a lot.

As I sit typing on my laptop, I look down at the table we’ve had for years. It is made out of cherry wood and is so smooth. Something about this table is now different. It somehow looks more worn, like it’s been through more. I feel like the table, like I have been through a journey.

I feel tired. The day has been long, and change is exhausting. I rest my arm on my table and I feel a bit better. I know this table was with me in North Bend and now it is with me in Lexington. There is something comforting about that.


Home July 2, 2009

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Kentucky has not felt like home for me. I have felt like I am on an extended vacation, I have not felt at ease. I have not felt the comfort you feel when you are at home, that is until tonight.

Chris, Scarlett and I were sitting on the couch this evening watching Wipeout on TV. Scarlett jumped off the couch and brought me her ball. She dropped it on my lap and like a good mother I did what she asked.  I threw it across the hotel room and she ran to catch it. We repeated this over and over again. She never tired of it! 

Chris got up and grabbed the dog treats. He made Scarlett crawl across the floor and do high fives for rewards. Everyone was happy. It was just like home.

Then it hit me, it doesn’t matter where I am. As long as I have Chris, Scarlett and Marcellus with me I am at home. They are my family. 

Something is missing without the rest of my family and friends here. Even with that hole it gives me comfort to know that I can be happy in Kentucky.


Longing for Home June 25, 2009

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Today was a long day. The heat in Kentucky is intense. Being outside is like being in a sauna.

As soon as you step inside somewhere that’s air conditioned you immediately feel relieved, you can relax. I am so thankful for whoever invented air conditioning! I don’t know what I’d do without.

Pools are the only place you can be comfortable at outdoors in weather like this. The water cools your warm body down and you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately I spent my afternoon going from a hot car to hot houses. There was no relief from the heat. We were looking for a house to call our home in Lexington today. We were in lots of houses with functioning air conditioners, but none of them were turned on.

We made it through the afternoon and are now relaxing in our cool hotel room. I don’t know if it was the heat or the stress of moving but today was not easy. Moving away from a place you love is hard. You don’t want to look for a house because you just had one you loved. You don’t want to make new friends because you already have friends you love. As we look at beautiful houses in Kentucky I find myself longing for home, for Washington.

I knew moving would be hard, but I didn’t think I’d miss Seattle this much. The few days of unbearable heat a year. The mountains in the distance. Puget Sound sparkling on a sunny day. Being a car ride away from people you love. I miss all of it.

I will always love Seattle, that won’t go away. All I can do is have an open mind to love Lexington too. I need to embrace the sweltering heat and southern drawls. I need to take in the green fields and horse fences and learn to love my new home.