The Kentucky Journey

We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

Getting Ready to Drive May 12, 2010

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I am filled with excitement, like an eight year old waiting for Christmas. I can’t wait till tonight!

Tonight is when Chris and I embark on our trip down south. We will hit five states- Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas. I haven’t been to any of those states, and the thought of exploring them makes me smile. I love going places I have never been before- and this trip will be filled with that!

We will be in the car a lot- but that doesn’t bother me. Driving with my husband is always relaxing for me. He drives, I sit and take in the sights. I always have a pillow and blanket in the car- just like when we went for road trips when I was five! What can I say- I like being cozy.

The trip down will be on the Natchez Parkway- an old, historic road. It is filled with stops along the way- Cypress Swamp and Emerald Mound are a couple I am excited about. The Emerald Mound was a ceremonial center for Native Americans- I can’t wait to take pictures!  We are starting the parkway in Nashville and taking it to the end- Natchez, Mississippi. Natchez happens to be only three hours from New Orleans- so we figured why not take in some cajun culture?

As I look at beautiful pictures of stops along the way, I feel happy to be in Kentucky. We are a car trip away from the old south. We are less than ten hours from upstate New York or Washington DC. There are so many new places around me, and I can’t wait to see them!


The Beauty of Winter January 17, 2010

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This was a draft from a week ago that never got posted for some reason!Winter days in Lexington are cold and lazy. All I want to do is stay under the blanket, I don’t want to face the cold.

I forgot what negative temperatures felt like- I had put the misery out of memory. The piercing cold reminds me of my Upstate New York and Montana days. I remember I can get through this winter!

Scarlett frolicks around the yard like all is normal. She barks at any bird, dog, car that goes past our yard. The cold doesn’t faze her. If only I had her tolerance for cold.

Snow has fallen and covers yards and streets. Everything is a glistening white. Although we aren’t spending a lot of time outside, we do appreciate the beauty of winter.

The beauty of snow, silently falling from the sky. The beauty of lakes and ponds, that have turned to hard ice. The stingy cold, turning my cheeks a rosy red. These are the joys of winter, a truly memorizing season.


Trying to Be Motivated…. November 21, 2009

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It’s a beautiful fall day. The sun is shinning in my eyes and the dog is sleeping in a sun beam.

In my head I keep on going through all of the things we need to do before Thanksgiving. Clean, vacuum and cook. All I want to do is sit on my computer and buy Christmas presents online. Oh the troubles of motivation!

It is a chilly day and being curled up on the couch feels so good.  I have to fight the desire to veg and get things done! The problem is actually getting off of the couch…

I need a push! Maybe reminding myself that Chris parents are coming, and there is much that needs to be done before their arrival. Also it just feels good when you get things done on the weekend. It makes you feel productive and motivated.

When  I think about the  movie we saw last night, The Blind Side, I feel motivated. A boy who has nothing and makes so much of himself, and wonderful people who help him. It just makes you want to do good things. There are so many amazing people in this world, and that is what The Blind Side reminded me of.

As I sit here trying to start my day I think of inspiring people and all they have done. I think of Micheal Oher and his family and I want to get moving!



The hardest week for parents and teachers… November 7, 2009

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Chris and a smarties candy!

Even Chris had too much candy...

Being a teacher, you always dread the week after Halloween.  I always knew this, but never experienced it for myself until this year.

This was a week filled with hyper kids, kids that did not know when to stop. It was not easy. The running and screaming. What a week! I can only imagine how the parents handled it at home.

Kids came into school this week, with candy in their pockets, and they told me they had eaten Skittles for breakfast. As delicious as this sounds, the results are horrifying.

I don’t know how many times I said ” Use your walking feet,” this week. It was like I was talking to a brick wall. The kids never stopped, they kept going and going- like a bad dream.

To make things worse it was extremely cold this week and we couldn’t play outside for two days. This is catastrophic with hyper kids. They need to be outside to expend their excessive energy. This turn of events led to even more energetic kids, not good!

On top of this, Chris and I have way to much leftover Halloween candy. I might of eaten six Reese peanut butter cups in one sitting! I get to addicted to them. The chocate and peanut butter are so delicious together.

Crazy children and sugared up teachers. This is he down side of Halloween.


Our day at the races… October 29, 2009

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When in Kentucky one of the things you have to do is watch horse races. The place to watch these races is Keeneland race track.

On a rainy October Saturday Chris and I ventured out to this Kentucky landmark. We arrived and it was much more than I thought it would be . The parking lot was packed with cars and people galore. They weren’t just parking and walking to the track, not in Kentucky. They had to tailgate before the races, that’s a must! Chris and I skipped the festivities and went straight to the park.

We arrived and were impressed with the beauty. Horse sculptures all around, and fall colored trees all around. It was truly beautiful. Race horses were being walked around and I couldn’t help but admire them. I wasn’t the only one! Everyone likes to look at the horses before choosing the ones they will bet on.

We walked  around and took it all in. My jeans and pony tailed mess of hair didn’t fit in with all of the well dressed people I was surrounded by. I decided I would dress up next time we went to Keeneland!

We bet on a couple of races and sipped on creamy hot chocolate. It was a good day!


The perfect Saturday dinner… October 18, 2009

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Chris and I are laying in bed watching Office Space and I can’t help but reflect on our wonderful dinner. It was four courses each one delicious. It made for a memorable evening…

We took a long nap this afternoon and accidently woke up late, only 45 minutes before our reservation. We rushed out of the house only to find out they had lost our reservation. We had to wait awhile for a table, but it was well worth it!

First I got a house salad. It was tossed in ranch dressing with bacon and tomatoes. With the salad came warm french bread and garlic butter. The bread was crispy on the outside, and soft inside. Yum!

For my entree I had the fillet mignon wrapped in bacon. It was tender, juicy and wonderful. I ate the whole thing! And then, of course I needed something sweet. Decaf coffee and apple crisp. The apples were perfectly cooked and covered in cinnamon and brown sugar. The crust was buttery and flaky.

We left understanding why this restaurant has such a good reputation. The food and atmosphere made for a wonderful night. People in Lexington know how to eat well!


Closing = closure October 2, 2009

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As I sit with my husband I feel at ease. We are moved in Kentucky and it’s our home. We are going to paint this weekend and put our mark on our house and it feels great.

This ease comes from closing on our house. It is now officially ours and I am so happy.

I feel this big weight off of my chest because the house in North Bend is sold. No more worries about North Bend. No more paying bills on two houses. No more lawn up keep on two houses. It is nice to have less to worry about.

They are still other stresses in our lives, but is so much more manageable now. One house is enough to handle!