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We are newlyweds who moved across the country, and are enjoying life in a place we never thought we'd be…Kentucky.

One year! August 9, 2009

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What a day. Exactly a year ago Chris and I got married. As I woke to a sunny sky this morning I felt so refreshed and excited to celebrate our anniversary.

I came downstairs after getting ready this morning to find flowers from Chris on the table. Purple daisies and a lily. I put the flowers in a vase and thought about our crazy year.

So much has happenend in one year. We are across the country now, away from everything we know. Chris has a different job, and I am writing everyday.

We have gone through peaks and valleys this year. It hasn’t always been easy. Through it all we have had each other and I am so thankful for that consistency. I would be mad without it!

On this day I look back at my wedding day pictures with smiles. So many people I love were there with me on that day– and that is so special to me. There were so many smiles and hugs on that day. So many people I was happy to see. Marrying Chris was special, but having everyone we love there made it unbelievable.

I feel so lucky to have people I care about so much in my life. Thank you all!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from a year ago today!